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If you wish to receive our newsletter, please e-mail us at or phone us at 012 667 1993 Designed and maintained by the Delacon | Group 																																																																																																																																				Copyright © 2018 Delacon CC Issue 1 - July 2016

 What to expect in Issue #4?

The Divisions of the Delacon Group - Delacon Planning

Page 1

What to do if you have been summoned to appear before the Municipal Court

Page 2

Fire Hose Reels

Page 3

Different Land Development Applications in terms of SPLUMA

Rezoning and Consent Use                                                                         Page 4

How far from the boundary wall can a structure be build?

Page 5

Play Time!

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The Delacon Group issues a Newsletter quarterly containing interesting information on town planning, heritage and planning law and fire fighting equipment management.

Issue 4 - July 2017 Issue 5 - Coming soon