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Draft Legislation

Some of our products


The services offered by Delacon Legal include:

* Representation of clients at the Municipal Courts

* Representation of clients at Municipal Planning Tribunal hearings

* Legal advice on town planning & heritage matters

* Legal advice on Planning Law

* Legal advice on Heritage Law

* Applications in terms of heritage legislation (demolition permit and Heritage impact assessments) on structures older than 60 years

* Compilation of legislation, By-laws and policies

* Compilation of Heads of Arguments


Our firm is recognised for professional legal services of the highest calibre on Planning and Heritage Law.

We draw on our unique knowledge of planning and heritage environment in South Africa, to advise clients on a wide range of technical legal issues.

Our approach to planning and heritage law is fresh and innovative. With a decade of experience to draw on, we assist our clients with matters relating to planning and heritage legislation.

We enjoy working with our clients and seek to build lasting relationships. Understanding the technical aspects of the town planning, development and heritage environment is important to us. It helps ensure that we provide you with the very best levels of service


Prof Susan Bouillon is an admitted Advocate of the Supreme Court of South Africa since 1997.

Prof Susan Bouillon is a board member of the Provincial Heritage Resources Authority Gauteng (PHRAG) where she holds the position of Chairperson.

Since 2016 Prof Susan Bouillon is appointed as a board member of the South African Heritage Resources Authority (SAHRA) where she holds the position of Chairperson.

Prof Susan Bouillon is also a board member of the National Heritage Council since 2016.


For more information about Delacon Planning or for any questions you may have, please e-mail us at or phone us at 012 667 1993.

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