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The architectural services we provide are:

Delacon Draughting believes in architecture that is inspired by its setting, considers its natural environment and is embedded into the landscape. With our unique South African natural resources and building materials, Delacon Draughting creates buildings that are in-place and modern, environmentally responsible, artful and crafted.

As keepers of the natural environment and our client's resources, Delacon Draughting shape every project with practical environmental knowledge and energy efficiency, resulting in sustainable strategies that artfully respond to each site's unique context.

Delacon Draughting believes that the best ideas develop from an engaging and combined design process with clients and consultants. Authentic designs are achieved by our ability to encourage alternative inspirations such as from nature, natural features and textures, personal preferences. As experienced draughtsmen, we are able to help clients in the residential, industrial as well as the commercial sector. What makes our services different is the holistic approach we take when it comes to design.

When we take on a new client, we go to great lengths to gain a well-rounded understanding of what you need. Regardless of the project, we make sure we are able to complete the project according to your requirements while simultaneously infusing our unique blend of sustainable practices, inspired designs and innovative solutions.

At Delacon Draughting we approach design with the focus on sustainability practice and the fulfilment of the user’s requirements.

An increasing number of our clients want to reduce their impact on the environment as well as their electricity demand. Some of the environmentally-friendly solutions that we are able to incorporate into the project include state-of-the-art building practices to make sure that artificial heating and cooling systems aren’t necessary, rainwater harvesting systems, solar in-floor heating and more.

Delacon Draughting has entered into an association with Werner Kriel Architectural Technologist (WKAT). The reason for the association is to get additional capacity and expertise.


Employees of Delacon Draughting and WKAT are registered with a number of professional institutions.

For more information about Delacon Draughting or for any questions you may have, please e-mail us at or phone us at 012 667 1993.

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