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Welcome to the Delacon Group

The Delacon Group is a proudly South African closed corporation that was established in 2005 specializing in town planning matters, fire equipment management, heritage and planning legislation.

Our company consists of several divisions including Delacon Fire, Delacon Planning and Delacon Legal and we offer all of these services as a collective experience or as an individual service.

The combination of the above disciplines is an unique combination of services under one roof. Although each component has its own identity, each operates on the same key values.


The Delacon Group (and all its Divisions) qualifies in terms of Code Series 800: Measurement Qualifying Small Enterprises of Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment under Section 9 of the Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment Act of 2003 as An Exempted Micro Enterprise and operates within the sector “Community, Social and Personal Services”.

The Delacon Group currently has a Level 4 BBEEE rating with a 100% contribution.

For more information about the Delacon Group or for any questions you may have, please e-mail us at or phone us at 012 667 1993.

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